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    Angela brought sanity back into my life. She's wonderful, supportive, and always there when you need her. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Angela!
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    Angela was a lifesaver. Our daughter is back to being a well-rested, happy child-and so are her parents!!! I had such a positive and productive experience working with Angela Walsh.
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    After working with Angela our whole household is so much happier. Angela thank you for your support. Your business fills a gap for all those sleep-deprived families. I truly appreciate what you do and how you have made a difference in my family's life.
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    Everything Angela taught us to do worked. Working with a knowlegable sleep expert gives you power and confidence. No longer does our daughter wake every two hours in the night. My daughter now feels more rested and I feel like a normal person and not a zombie anymore.
As a Certified Pediatric Sleep Specialist based in Westchester County, NY and the mom to four children, I know how you feel and I’m here to help you. Whether you are a Professional or a Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad, you can’t manage day after day with little or no sleep. As a Child Sleep Expert and an Experienced Mom, I can help you get your child sleeping and in turn you will be sleeping too! Now that’s a dream come true!
Did you know? Children do not just outgrow sleep problems. Overtired children are cranky, hyperactive, and can have difficulty learning.

How I Can Help

Set in place age appropriate naps, bedtime and sleep routines Teach Self-Soothing skills Ensure child’s sleep environment is sleep healthy and sleep friendly Develop a sleep plan in keeping with your goals and parenting philosophy Daily support while you implement the plan. Teach the Five Elements of Healthy Sleep

Most Common Sleep Issues

Not falling asleep at night

Waking frequently throughout the night

Waking too early in the morning

Short or non-existent naps

Eliminating night feedings

Sleep disruptions in Children with Special Needs

Transitioning from co-sleeping to a crib/crib to bed

Nightmares/Night Terrors

Going through developmental milestones

Sleep disruptions due to travel, holidays, and lifestyle changes

Signs of an Overtired Child

Unable to fall asleep at night

Difficulty feeding

Frequently waking throughout the night

Waking early in the morning

Experiencing short or non-existent naps

Inability to self -soothe

Clingy, irritable or fussy throughout the day

Inability to focus

7 Things you Need to Know About Your Baby’s Sleep Needs

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