1. Using my knowledge and experience, I develop a sleep plan that is in keeping with your child’s sleep issues and your parenting philosophy.  Every family is different and as such, every plan is customized.
  2. As a certified child sleep consultant, I am able to keep your family on task and motivated while implementing a strategy. When you are sleep deprived, it is hard to stay focused on the goal, and easy to revert back to what you have always done.  
  3. If we need to change our strategy due to illness, sudden change of lifestyle, or milestones your child is going through, I am able to make quick adjustments, thereby keeping your family on the right track.
  4.  I am able to ensure that both feeding needs and sleep needs    are being met.
  5. I educate parents on healthy sleep habits for a family’s immediate concerns, as well as healthy sleep habits for a lifetime.
  6. I am there to support you every step of the way. From the initial phone conversation where I assess your situation and needs, to evaluating the detailed intake form you provide for me; to the implementation of the sleep plan I design for your family, to following up daily to chart your progress, address any concerns and answer all questions.
  7. Along with my expertise in working with sleep deprived families, you can feel confident in my knowledge and understanding of safety issues because:  I am a “Safe to Sleep Champion” and keep up with the American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) safety guidelines, and consumer reports on baby products and equipment.  I continually further my education in areas pertaining to babies, children, moms and families.
  8. I absolutely love helping families and I take sleep training very seriously.  Each family I work with signs a “Family Commitment” form. This assures me you are serious, and helps you stay focused if the going gets tough. 
  9. More and more pediatricians are referring me to their patients.  This should give you a level of comfort and confidence in choosing me as your sleep coach. 
Contact me now to learn more about how I can help you and your family get the sleep you need and desire. Angela Walsh is a Family Sleep InstituteCertified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and the founder of Babes in Sleepland. She helps sleep deprived babies, children and families, get back on track and get the sleep they need and desire. To learn more about Angela and how she can help you, visit her website: Also get sleep tips, the latest research on baby and child products, and be part of her weekly Q and A at her Facebook page: Babes in Sleepland.